Custom Theraputic Massage

60 mins

90 mins

A customized massage to your individual needs including Deep tissue, Trigger point, Swedish Massage and various techniques depending on your focal areas. This massage may be a full body or a specific to an area of tension and pain. The 90 min gives us more time to focus on the tissues for a longer lasting effect. 


Prenatal Massage

75 mins


90 min
$110 min


A wonderful blend of relaxation techniques as well as deeper work in the specific areas causing discomforts you may experience during pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy is essential for reducing stress and promoting overall wellness while your body is working hard to create that beautiful being inside.  The many benefits of massage during pregnancy include stress release on weight bearing joints, relaxes the nervous system for relaxation and encourages blood flow.  


Essential Oils Massage

60 mins

This custom massage uses your choice of Essential oils incorporated to the unscented massage cream used. Ranging from florals, peppermint, healing blends and citrus oils. Feel free to bring in your own personal oils if you have a favorite blend at home.




Kinesio Tape

10 mins

Kinesio Taping is an adhesive tape used in multiple different ways to relieve stress on joints, reduce pressure,  and decrease inflammation caused by injuries. The tape is hypoallergenic, 100% latex-free, water resistant and does not limit range of motion. The tape is applied based on your individual needs after evaluation. This may be an add on to your massage or you may come for a quick application for an upcoming event or activity for relief. 

* The rates listed above are discounted prices for in office appointments and payment is due at the time of service. Non-discounted rate for payment not at time of service is $35 per 15-minute unit.